Inflamed lungs…yay


I’m proud of Grace. Not just for all her amazing projects and the work she does, but also for the messages she gives her influential audience. She’s a role model and a half, I don’t care that she enjoys fart jokes and owns a rapidly increasing home wear zoo animal collection, she’s cool and I’m glad I know of her existence.

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Guys. This is where it all started. Those are the Bloody Marys.

Forever reblog

this is legitimately maybe the 40th time probably more that ive reblogged this and i will until the day i die

Rule Number One of the Holy Trinity Fandom: If you see the Bloody Mary picture, you reblog the Bloody Mary picture. I don’t care if you reblog it five times in a row. You must ALWAYS reblog the day the Trinity was born.

Hayley Atwell guest stars as Agent Peggy Carter in Agents of SHIELD 2x01 "Shadows" (x)

It’s like winter is captured in his eyes